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How to create a beautiful mini meadow garden

Meadow gardens full of wildflowers and tall stalls of native grasses are an increasingly popular option for people looking to break up a larger space with a splash of vibrancy and color. While there is a “proper way” to cultivate a Meadow garden, in many cases you can let nature do most of the work, although you do still need to weed in order to stop particularly voracious plants like dandelions from taking over. A Meadow garden is very different from a traditional one, but can be just as beautiful and satisfying.

Key Takeaways:

  • Meadow gardens are a great way to break up large, homogenous spaces with colorful wildflowers and native grasses.
  • You can let nature do a lot of the heavy lifting in terms of populating your meadow with flowers, but you do need to weed it to stop certain plants from overwhelming the rest.
  • Perennial meadows actually need relatively poor soil to be at their best, so don’t use fertilizer or leave clippings around.

“sowing yellow rattle is the key to a mini meadow.”

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