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Keeping a greenhouse tidy and germ-free requires two different steps: the initial cleaning and removal of debris, and the actual sanitizing process. Overtime, greenhouses can accumulate gnats and fungi that can promote a dangerous environment for any inhabitants, plant, or human. Solutions such as bleach can help eliminate the presence of dangerous bacteria due to their intense sanitizing properties. Bleach is typically mixed with water before it is disbursed, and should never be used alone as it is too potent.

Key Takeaways:

  • Greenhouses can often hold gnats and fungi that can be potentially harmful to both humans and the plants surrounding them.
  • There are two parts of properly sanitizing a greenhouse: Cleaning and removing the clutter, and then actually sanitizing it.
  • Using bleach mixed with water is a great way to dilute the agent in order to make a safe disinfectant.

“Over the course of a growing season, plants aren’t the only thing that’s growing; potentially infectious microbes may be as well.”

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