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Skid-steer loaders are essential for any construction site due to their versatility, but it may be difficult for contractors to choose the correct size that will be best for the job. Small skid-steer loaders have the best maneuverability, so they work the best in tight areas, including the indoors. Large loaders are the best on large job sites, as they can haul the most, but can sometimes be bulky. Medium skid-steer loaders have the best of each, but all in all, it depends on the actual job site.

Key Takeaways:

  • Skid-steer loaders are a must-have for any job site due to their versatility.
  • Small skid-steer loaders are better at maneuvering around tight corners, and should be used inside.
  • Large skid-steer loaders should be used on bigger sites, and can transfer material quickly, or even grade the site.

“Due to its quickness and relatively low profile, a large loader can be moved around the site without the need for transport by a semi-truck.”

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