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Growing your garden organic ensures that it is devoid of chemicals and completely natural. The biggest issue organic growers face are pests that can invade your garden. Ladybugs can help with that issue. Not only are they visually appealing, they are sort of super-heroes when it comes to fighting the pests. They not only eat them, but they eat them in large quantities. Planting dill, cilantro and chives will attract ladybugs to your garden. Dandelions, although technically a weed, are also ladybug’s favorite. It is also a good idea to provide a source of water for ladybugs and a shelter provided by plants like thyme.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ladybugs are great for organic gardening because they eat so many pests that can harm your plants.
  • To attract lady bugs you can plant food that they enjoy most like chives and cilantro.
  • You can encourage Aphids and also keep dandelions around. With a little water you can make your lady bugs feel at home.

“In fact, one ladybug can eat 5,000 aphids over the course of its life!”

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