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Disinfect with the HD 2.0 Dual Mister

by | Feb 10, 2020 | Announcing, Equipment Rentals, Ladder Free

Disinfect your indoor spaces quickly and easily.  The Dual Mister HD 2.0 will make all the difference!

We are really excited about this new piece of equipment and we are one of the few places in the area where you can get your hands on one! What makes this machine stand apart from the rest, great question!

This is a cold-water, all-in-one pressure washer and mister (used specifically for disinfection)! We are all more concerned with disinfectant in todays’ current enviornment and this machine used congruently with Nova Disinfectant can make all the difference when cleaning and pressure washing. For those who may not know, Nova Disinfectant is what hospitals and other industries are using at this time to kill COVID-19 and HIV. Learn more about that here.

  • The HD 2.0 Dual Mister comes with:
    Standard plug
    36’ power cord
    ’75’ non-marking ¼” lightweight hose
    Easy to use valve
    Trigger gun, wand and misting nozzle

Yes, this can be used inside for misting the whole room.  No wiping, no residue,  just let it dry for 10 minutes.

This machine will be available for rent soon on a first come first serve basis! We are taking reservations for it now.