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Graffiti Paint Removal: Tips For Getting Graffiti Off A Tree

Has a tree in your garden been defaced by graffiti from criminals or neighborhood hooligans? If so, don’t panic, it is possible to get the paint off of the tree without hurting it – it will just take a little work and some clever tricks. The main two methodologies are mechanical and chemical. The former involves the use of a power washer and a careful touch, while the former should center on liberal application of natural cleaning compounds.

Key Takeaways:

  • Have trees in your yard been defaced by graffiti? While it’s not enjoyable, don’t despair.
  • There are two main ways you can remove the paint – the first is with careful use of a pressure washer.
  • The second method involves using liberal amounts of a natural, citrus-based cleaner to remove the paint.

“Graffiti paint removal on non-living surfaces requires some serious elbow grease and some fairly caustic chemicals, but it can be accomplished.”

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