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New easy to use towable lifts are a booming new business. It is now for the consumer who would like to do projects around their homes such as light hanging and window washing. Of course construction companies like to rent them as well. The Towable Boom Lift is small and easy to maneuver, it is easy to transport and set up as well. Consumers need to be aware of their needs and follow some simple safety guidelines, such as staying away from powerlines but the Towable Boom Lift should be easy enough to handle that it is an asset to your project demands.

Key Takeaways:

  • Towable boom lifts are small and light weight, making them easy to transport and set up.
  • You do not need a delivery service to transport a towable boom lift. They are an affordable option for customers who need to do projects around their home, or construction companies as well.
  • Customers need to consider the space they are using for their project. Is it a safe set up out of the way of power lines and other obstacles.

“The biggest advantage of a towable boom lift is that it provides operators reach and mobility, combining the flexibility of a small utility vehicle with the versatility of a self-propelled lift and platform”

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