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Gone are the days when climbing a ladder was the only option when performing roof or façade projects. Towable booms have revolutionized the construction industry, both in residential and industrial settings.

Homeowners rely on them for landscape work and many other chores. Industries utilize this piece of equipment to reach towering heights safely and efficiently.

This article will cover what you can gain from towable boom lifts and how to use them correctly.

What Makes Towable Boom Lifts So Good?

Towable boom lifts are taking the world by storm for several reasons:

  • • They’re versatile – Whether you’re an electrician, masonry contractor, or roofer, a boom lift can make all the difference in your trade.
  • • Portability – Some towable boom lifts can be relocated with an SUV or truck, making them superior to fixed machinery.
  • • Safety – Many ladders are notoriously unstable, but towable boom lifts don’t have this problem. You can get in a towable boom bucket much more confidently since it’s less prone to swerving.

How to Use Towable Boom Lifts

To make the most of your towable boom lift, be sure to implement the following safety practices:

  • • Keep the area below the bucket clear – There shouldn’t be any tools or people under the bucket. Equipment can get stuck under the boom wheels, which can be a safety hazard both for the driver and the individual in the bucket. People should stay away from the area for obvious reasons.
  • • Train your drivers – Allowing untrained personnel to operate a lift is a disaster waiting to happen. You (or any other driver) should understand how the machine works to detect and address malfunctions on time.
  • • Don’t go too heavy – Having an excess of people in the bucket is ill-advised. It can exceed the lift’s load capacity, destabilizing the system.
  • • Get a harness – Any person in a lift bucket should be tied to the fence with a lanyard.

Key Takeaways:

  • • Towable boom lifts are small and light weight, making them easy to transport and set up.
  • • You do not need a delivery service to transport a towable boom lift. They are an affordable option for customers who need to do projects around their home, or construction companies as well.
  • • Customers need to consider the space they are using for their project. Is it a safe set up out of the way of power lines and other obstacles.

“The biggest advantage of a towable boom lift is that it provides operators reach and mobility, combining the flexibility of a small utility vehicle with the versatility of a self- propelled lift and platform.”

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