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During the winter months, it can be tough to keep your garden at functioning as well as it does during the spring, summer, and fall. However, due to innovative techniques, it is definitely possible. Preparation is obviously the most important thing that one can do when trying to get ready for the winter. Keeping the plants warm enough is key while also making sure they still get the same nutrients that they always need to flourish in any type of environment.

Key Takeaways:

  • As the winter rolls around, people with gardens start to get a little bit worried.
  • It is hard to maintain a good and healthy garden when the weather gets cold and windy.
  • With the proper preparation, you will be able to keep your garden functioning during the winter season.

“Keep in mind that your plants’ cellular structure is most vulnerable when it’s cold. Avoid harvesting or watering your vegetables first thing in the morning or right before it gets dark, as they’ll need to protect themselves from the onset of the cold.”

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