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One of the structural components and foundations of a home is the landscaping on which it is built. This is also one of the things that tends to be overlooked by people who are homeowners or looking to buy a new home. However, looking under the hood of landscaping will give you a better understanding of potential drainage issues that the home may have, as well as an understanding for the living spaces provided by the landscaping currently in place.

Key Takeaways:

  • Landscaping was the last item when the Lindberg’s wanted to have a home build.
  • In choosing a landscape design, it was advised that they match their landscaping with the style of their home.
  • Some landscaping projects though are not big and do not require a consultant such as removing grass from cracks or sidewalks.  You can also rent equipment and try DIY landscaping to save money.

“Many projects are within the scope of a homeowner’s abilities.”

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