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Charcoal Grill Towable

Plan on throwing a backyard party in a yard that is less than party ready? No worries, with the right tools and party rentals, getting your backyard pulled together for friends and family is easier than ever. If you are willing to put in a little bit of work, here are a few tips on how to get started.

Patio and Deck

Use a power washer to clear away the dirt and debris on your patio, driveway and back decking. Apply a mild detergent and bleach solution mixed with some water to help eliminate tough stains, and make sure that you are using a power washer that exceeds 2,000 PSI for maximum effect. Apply a new coat of paint to your deck after cleaning to revitalize aged wood, and to brighten up the surrounding area.

Furniture and Cushions

Wash down your patio furniture and cushions with water and some light detergent. Set them out in the sun and let them dry completely before use so that they don’t develop mildew that could result in odors. Be careful with the furniture if you choose to use a power washer as you could damage the materials or paint if the PSI on the washer is too high. Don’t try washing your patio furniture with a washer that exceeds 1,800 PSI and remove any cushions before washing.

The Yard

If you have a big yard we have a big selection of mower rentals in Greensboro to help get your grass in order. Use trimmers on shrubs and tree branches that are nearby the porch or in areas of heavy traffic. Cutting large trees or disposing of branches might require the assistance of a wood chipper that will break the branches down into manageable pieces for disposal.

Equipment Rentals

Just because you don’t have some of the equipment and tools on hand doesn’t mean you’re out of luck. Instead of buying all the equipment and spending hundreds – if not thousands of dollars – come learn about our equipment rental options. We have hundreds of tools on hand that can handle all your projects and get your backyard back in shape.

And when you’re done? Well, we do rent grills as well!