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An engine hoist is a tool that is used to lift objects that are too heavy to move by any other means. There are different types of engine hoists for different situations. Common types include electric, chain, and hydraulic hoists. Each type of hoist has both pros and cons, and should be used for different situations. Read on to learn more about the good and bad sides of each different hoist and when to use them.

Key Takeaways:

  • You find hydraulic systems in car service stations. The purpose is to lift up a car so mechanic can make the necessary repairs.
  • Electric hoists are popular in such places as sawmills, shops and different factories. These are great in places, where loads below 225 kg (500 lb) weight needs to be lifted because they are faster.
  • Chain hoists are similar to electric hoists, but instead of working automatically chain hoist needs to be operated manually. While they can be used for heavier engines, they are much slower.

“Hydraulic cylinder uses liquid fluid for lifting job. This hydraulic fluid often called hydraulic liquid is usually special oil. Hydraulic systems can be found in different mechanics”

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