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Snap 2016-04-08 at 14.31.55The initial phase of choosing the right equipment for your pressure washing job is determining which category of customer you fall under. Are you a consumer or semi-pro when it comes to what project you’ll be tackling?

If you are a homeowner that enjoys handling seasonal cleaning projects around the home, you could be called a “capable consumer.” Here are some guidelines to keep in mind when renting the correct pressure washer for the job you need to do.

Standard electric powered pressure washers provide a minimum PSI (pounds per square inch) of 1350. This is ideal for cold water cleaning of small surfaces such as outdoor furniture, boats or grills. Larger household projects that involve cleaning decks or patios can still be accomplished with cold water but require more power. Renting an enhanced electric pressure washer, will amp up the PSI to higher levels.

If you take a more bold and serious approach to cleaning around your home and simply refuse to hire contractors, you may be considered a “semi-pro” consumer. This type of consumer uses equipment rental designed for more repetitive and continual use. For example, is the weekend assignment to tackle the siding of your home or strip paint? Using the right rental equipment and water temperature will make it a simpler job. You can get all the pressure and power you need by renting a gasoline powered washer with a minimum PSI of 2000.

For the more difficult cleanups of oil, grease and grime, using hot water will increase the cleaning intensity of a gasoline pressure water. Heating the water is easy and convenient as you have a choice of kerosene, oil fuel or diesel. Rental cost of the pressure washer may be slightly higher than the electric model. However as semi-pro consumer you will have all the horsepower, water pressure and water flow of a professional washer without the commercial rental price.

Now that you know what kind of pressure washer is best for the job you need to do, come by and let us help you get your DIY project started.