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Contour gardening is something that has been around for decades and in simplest terms it is when the shape of land is used to maximize the amount of water that can be captured. Contour gardening has many benefits including avoiding runoff, preventing the loss of topsoil, preventing erosion and capturing rainwater. If you have a small site to build your contour bed, you’ll simply just need a shovel. Before you start to dig then eyeball the area and decide how you want to design it and how you can make it look professionally done.

Key Takeaways:

  • Contour gardening is simply when we use the shape of the land we garden in to maximize the amount of water captured.
  • Contour gardening helps avoid runoff, prevents topsoil loss, prevents erosion and captures rainwater.
  • To build a contour bed, you’ll need a shovel and it would be beneficial to map out your moves based off of how sloped the pitch is.

“While straight beds may be visually appealing and easy to harvest or hoe between, they are not always the best to conserve moisture.”

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