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Backyard oasis: How an exquisite water garden could transform your space

Building a backyard oasis, which is essentially a body of water in your backyard, may seem like a fairly easy process. However, Jean Brûlé discusses how there is much more to the art. You need to know which types of soil, clay, sand, or rocks to use in different areas. He shares his expert advice on how to create the perfect backyard oasis regardless of where you live, and how big the area you have to work with is.

Key Takeaways:

  • Jean Brule is an aquatic-scape designer, responsible for creating giant pools and mesmerizing water-falls for residences since the nineties.
  • He began honing his craft in the early part of the decade and is considered to be an industry leader in Quebec.
  • He was profoundly affected by his two years of study at the Montreal Botanical Garden, where he was in attendance from 1985 to 1987.

“As a boy, Brûlé spent his summers swimming, fishing, catching frogs, and observing insects and aquatic plants on the shores of Lake St-Francis in Rivière-Beaudette.”

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