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Small yards are convenient, but they’re also hard to access. Soil professionals can’t use traditional skids, which is why they utilize minis and compacts. But how does a technician determine the right machine for a project? In general, they use mini skids if they need to use a wide variety of attachments. They also prefer this equipment due to its maneuverability. Plus, it’s easier to use because it’s mostly operated by hand. Conversely, compacts are perfect for contractors who prefer the higher capacity, look, and feel of traditional machines.

Let’s delve deeper into the factors that determine the choice between mini and compact skids.

The first consideration is also the most important. If you need to use a large number of attachments, mini skids are a better choice. They’re smaller than their compact counterparts, allowing you to change attachments effortlessly.

By contrast, compact skids can be cumbersome despite their name. You need to get in and out of the cab whenever you want to swap out an attachment, which can be time-consuming.

Space Available
The next aspect is the yard you work on. If especially small, you’re better off with a mini skid steer because it’s less bulky than compact machines. Consequently, they can navigate tight areas and corners you can otherwise only handle with shovels and wheelbarrows. Tiny lawn entrances aren’t a problem either because minis can easily fit through 36-inch (or smaller) gates.

Furthermore, you’re less likely to collide with fences and other objects with a mini skid. Compact machines have reduced visibility due to their cabs and bulkier designs.

Look and Feel
Compact skids replicate conventional skids in many ways. They have similar controls, which is why they’re commonly used by contractors who want the look and feel of a traditional vehicle.

Compact skids are superior to mini skids in terms of capacity. The capacity of most compacts exceeds 2,000 pounds, whereas minis are generally limited to 1,600 pounds.

Key Takeaways:

  • • Mini skids have fewer options when it comes to extra attachments.
  • • Mini skids are usually easier to use.
  • • More people prefer the traditional feel of mini skids.

“Start by evaluating the application. Do you do more digging or more attachment work?”

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