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If you plan to rent one, there are many attachments that you can choose from to make your job even easier. Of course, there are far too many attachments in total to list, so we have narrowed it down to just a few that are really useful. With a snow shovel, you can pick up more than just the snow, you can move large heavy bricks as well. If busting up concrete is something that you dread doing, then you can just the attachment that comes with the skid steer to do that for you.

Key Takeaways:

  • There are many attachments you will want to know about if you are planning to rent one.
  • Snow buckets have multiple uses besides just shoveling snow, they can also move large bricks.
  • If you feel like busting up concrete is one of the worst jobs out there, then you may want to use a skid steer.

“We couldn’t possibly show you the dozens of attachments available”

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