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Using a boom lift can be dangerous so it is important to take every safety precaution possible. When you are using the boom lift, make sure that there are no people standing near it as tools can fall off the platform and hurt people underneath. It’s also essential to hire a lift operator that is trained and has the proper safety certifications and experience. Finally, don’t go over the weight limit as this could cause the boom lift to tip over.

Key Takeaways:

  • Make sure that the base and circumference of the boom lift isn’t near any people when it is in use for safety reasons.
  • Hire trained operators who have operated boom lifts before and have the proper knowledge and safety certifications.
  • Wear a harness in order to ensure safety as even a strong gust of wind can knock someone off of the platform.

“Keeping the area under and around the boom lift clear will help ensure that no one is hurt if the entire structure tips over.”

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