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Nothing spells curb appeal like a good yard and bed lay out. There should be definite lines that divide the two aspects in order to highlight their appeal and presents. There is nothing wrong with mapping out the course. Use a hose for curved beds to make sure the flow of the lines are right. If when using the hose as a guide it is an awkward fit, reconsider the lines. Use spray paint or ground marker paint as a guide to help you stay on track. Last, consider the bed shape relevant to grass type (which is important to the edging shape and maintenance) and the topography of the landscape and features, such as trees and rock formations.

Key Takeaways:

  • The task of edging, which is the creation of defining lines between landscape features, is quite familiar to people who do foundation beds, perennial beds or mixed planting borders.
  • Edging isn’t a task that is done according to route but rather it is a journey. It is not about the outcome but about the trip itself.
  • For those who are making plans for their next trip in edging, they need to make allowances for the following: long hoses, spray paint, and edging tool and patience.

“There is nothing quite like a beautifully cut edge that adds clear boundaries, definition, and neatness to a landscaped area.”

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