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Before you start to use a tiller, you need to remove any old sod, plants and weeds from your lawn/garden. You also want to test your soil and make sure that it can absorb water properly. You can use a motorized tiller, but make sure that you set the depth adjuster so that your tiller knows how deep to go into the ground. There are also manual tillers that you can use which are similar to a shovel. You manually push the tiller into the ground.

Key Takeaways:

  • Remove any existing soil, plants and weeds so you can prepare the new soil for new plants by using a shovel.
  • If you are using a motorized tiller, make sure that you set your depth adjuster to the proper amount depending on your lawn.
  • If you want to use a hand tiller, make sure that you check if you have a bladed wheel or not and push the spikes into the ground.

“To make the job of tilling easier and more effective, it’s important to remove any grass or plants that are already growing in the soil you want to till.”

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