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You can save money by vacuuming often. You will extend your carpet’s life by vacuuming a lot and removing the dirt before it gets ground into the carpet. You can also save your carpet by doing spot cleaning. Just blot with a paper towel to dry it. Use mats and runners on high traffic areas to save your carpet. Have a no-shoe rule in your house to prevent dirt from being ground into your carpet. Rent a carpet cleaner and clean your own carpet. A professional can charge about $600 and it will cost you much less to do it yourself. Figure out what the square footage is that needs to be cleaned and compare it to the square footage that the professional wants to charge. Remeasure if there is a difference. Move your own furniture and save a few dollars. Clean only the traffic areas. It usually won’t get dirty underneath the couch.  When your carpet is worn out, replace it with tile or wood flooring. The upfront cost is more but the new floors can last a lifetime.

Key Takeaways:

  • Use water and some dish detergent to spot clean soiled areas on your carpet.
  • If you want your carpet to stay clean longer, do not allow people to wear shoes when they walk across it.
  • Sometimes your carpet only needs to be cleaned in high traffic areas and not in areas underneath furniture.

“Dirt gets ground into the fibers if it isn’t removed quickly, so if you vacuum more often you’ll need professional carpet cleaning less frequently.”

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