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The mini skid steer is a very valuable machine that should be on any job site. The mini skid steer is able to connect many different attachments to it such as buckets as well as augers. A mini skid steer can do many different tasks such as helping dig holes needed for fencing as well as planting shrubs. Finally, mini skid steers are very low maintenance which will allow you more time at the job site and less time getting repairs.

Key Takeaways:

  • The skid steer is extremely versatile which is where it shows it’s true value. They also have many attachments available as well.
  • Mini skid steers can dig holes very precisely when working on a fencing project and can also help with planting shrubs.
  • A mini steer skid is a fantastic machine as it doesn’t need much maintenance and there are some models that track themselves.

“The mini skid steer has been around for quite some time, with widespread adoption going back to the mid-‘90s.”

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