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Keeping your carpet clean is not only for cleanliness, but for health. There are things in the carpet that need to be routinely cleaned out. Molds, food, dirt, and dust are just a few things to mention. If you have animals in the home, there is a high chance of there to be feces in your carpet. And then the big one of bugs being in your carpet. Keeping your carpet clean will also have a better smell.

Key Takeaways:

  • There are many contaminants like skin mold and pollen in your carpet.
  • If you have animals there’s going to be feces in your carpet.
  • Having a clean carpet will smell good making the whole room smell good.

“Shoes that have walked across highly-traveled areas, including public restrooms, pets that have played in the dog park and dribbled food or drinks from both kids and adults.”

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