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Even landscape professionals have set the New Year’s resolution of updating their own yards. The Blasens have committed to making their yard more drought tolerant and reduce their water use. They are cutting irrigation to native grasses and working with neighbors to remove any combustible debris. Scott Columbo of Scott Columbo Designs has recently moved. His garden was once famous, but he is now in a new property. This year he has resolved to update his garden at his new property.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Blasens who own the company, Blasen Landscape Architecture, have lived in Fairfax for more than 25 years and have through their company designed several commercial and residential projects.
  • Silvina Blasen, who is a notable plantswoman, told the author that their New Year’s resolution is to continue their commitment of reducing their water usage.
  • The Blasens have cut the irrigation to their established grasses, Manzanita and native hazelnut trees because they expect a colorful winter due to the heavy rains.

“And, in 2019 they’ll continue working alongside their neighbors to clear any combustible debris, a project started last year, to reduce fire hazards.”

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