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Aeration is an important part of lawn maintenance just as much as watering, fertilizing and weeding. Aeration is the process of puncturing the soil to allow air, water, and nutrients to reach below the surface. Different soils below the lawn require different amounts of aeration like sandy versus clay soils. Aeration reduced dead lawn material buildup, allow fertilizers to get deep into lawn, winterize lawn, aid in seeding, and open up too dense soils. Aeration should be a regular part of every homeowners landscape maintenance routine.

Key Takeaways:

  • It allows the nutrients to penetrate the soil. Watering also is more effective.
  • It gives your lawn a chance to breathe as well as allowing the fertilizers to do their work rather than running off in a heavy rain.
  • Aeration also assists soil microorganisms in decomposing of the thatch. Clay soils need more frequent aeration.

“Aeration is ideal for lawn areas that experience high foot traffic. However, the number of times you’ll need to aerate depends on your lawn’s soil type and quality.”

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