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Lifts are very useful piece of machinery due to their versatile use. For smaller projects, you may take into consideration one of those that can be towed. They are great replacement for sites that utilize scaffolding, ladders or both. Their evolution have them move towards equipment that is increasingly safe and mobile. However, there are some safety considerations that you should take into account when assessing the need for this type of machinery. Ensure that measures addressing safety are always implemented when working with lifts.

Key Takeaways:

  • Some boom lifts have articulating arms (“knuckles”) and are capable of being towed.
  • A towable boom-lift is useful for tree trimming and other elevated projects where mobility is needed.
  • A scissor lift, telescoping lift, or air mast lift are more useful in other situations.

“Once, we had only ladders and scaffolding. While these elements are still useful, lifts have slowly but surely provided a safer and more portable alternative to both.”

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