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Every successful garden needs freshly tilled soil. You can till the soil by hand, aerating and shifting the soil, or you can use a tiller, which is more effective and more efficient. Plants naturally change the pH levels as they grow, stripping the soil of its naturally occurring nutrients. The best time to till your garden is in the fall, because the dying leaves will integrate into the soil, reinfusing it with the nutrients and minerals it needs.

Key Takeaways:

  • We use a tiller to create the correct soil conditions that will allow our gardens to bloom.
  • Tillers uplift and aerate the soil in your garden more efficiently than doing it by hand.
  • The best time to till your soil is in the fall, because tilling at that time will properly integrate the dying leaves into your new soil.

“There are many other reasons to till your garden, such as balancing water retention and staving off weeds.”

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