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A french drain is a type of system that removes excess water from homes. Ditches are built with a pipe and some gravel which allow the water to drain out. If you are trying to build a french drain, the first thing to look at is where the best drainage route is. You’ll need to build a trench in order to install the piping and you’ll want the excess water to not ruin your yard. You also don’t want soil to block the drainage pipe either.

Key Takeaways:

  • There are many issues relating to drainage and water damage that cause homeowners to consider different methods to drain and divert water away from their homes such as installing a French Drain.
  • A French Drain is a ditch that can be dug in which gravel and a pipe can be positioned that slopes away from the building allowing water to successfully drain properly.
  • Many choose to lay additional landscape fabric over the top to prevent soil from blocking the drainage pipe.Read more at Gardening Know How: What Is A French Drain: Information On Installing French Drains In Landscapes¬†

“Choosing a professional to install a French drain will ensure proper installation, as well as reduce the risk of damage to oneself or the property.”

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