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An excavator is a type of construction equipment that is used to move large amounts of earth and associated debris around with ease. There are several components including a boom, dipper, bucket, cab, and house. Excavators come in many sizes and with many attachment options.  It might also make sense to hire an operator as an excavator is a piece of heavy construction equipment that requires experience and skill to operate. Before renting it helps to consider the scope of the project and skill needed to perform work this can inform the type of equipment one should rent.

Key Takeaways:

  • An excavator is a piece of construction equipment that features a boom, a dipper, a bucket and a cab.
  • An excavators rental price depends on different factors such as how big the construction site is, and the make and model of the excavator.
  • Sometimes you can hire an operator at the same place that you rent the excavator.

“The main difference between an excavator and a power shovel is that excavators rely on hydraulics for their movement, while shovels relied on cables, winches, and steel ropes.”

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