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Have you ever heard of the term weather whiplash? Chances are, if you are like me, you absolutely have not. In a recent article published by May Dream Gardens, this term describes the process plants go through when our weather goes from an extreme low to an extreme high and back again. It recaps her experiences in gardening and outlines what she intends to do in the upcoming season to keep providing foliage for her home. As an added bonus, she provides an picture so that you too can identify dreaded winter whiplash.

Key Takeaways:

  • Recent extreme fluctuations in temperature have placed a stress on home gardens
  • The best course of action may simply be to ride out this “weather whiplash” rather than alter one’s gardening schedule
  • Bringing home new houseplants and browsing seed catalogs can serve to satisfy the gardening itch until the weather returns to normal form

“The weather whiplash has me all itchy and twitchy to get out and do some gardening. Well, that and the April-like forecast for this week.”

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