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Walk behind trenchers, stand on skid steers and vacuum excavators are versatile tools that are useful for many different jobs. A walk behind trencher is very efficient at digging a trench because it can make very quick cuts. However, stand-on skid steers actually have the versatility to do the job as well as they have a trencher attachment that they can use. Finally, vacuum excavators are great at preventing damage and cleaning up the job site as they are a quick and efficient way to do cleanup.

Key Takeaways:

  • Trenching can be very efficient because it is inexpensive and it also has power that can quickly make cuts so it won’t be time consuming.
  • A stand-on skid steer is a very versatile piece of equipment and you can even buy a trencher attachment to put on it.
  • Before a landscaper begins trenching they need to make sure any existing utilizes that can be damaged during the trenching process.

“it is essential for operators to understand their jobsite and project needs.”

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