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A demolition hammer is a heavy-duty hammer with a bit, and is used to smash apart concrete and other strong, dense materials. It is a powerful and potentially dangerous tool which can be dangerous if used improperly. You and everybody working in the same area will need to wear a hard hat, eye protection, gloves and work boots, and it’s important to use proper technique as well. Keep the bit or tip focused downwards and at an angle, but not pointed towards your body.

Key Takeaways:

  • A demolition hammer is frequently used for the purpose of breaking down large walls comprised of concrete.
  • Those that are using such a hammer, as well as onlookers in the vicinity, must protect themselves with a hardhat, dust mask and protective glasses.
  • Heavy gloves to ensure the best grip on the hammer possible are also a must, as are heavy work boots.

“Improper use of a demolition hammer can cause serious damage to property as well as yourself.”

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