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True Value Rental Installs New American Flag

by | May 29, 2019 | Highlighted

If you’ve been by our showroom and rental yard at 214 Stage Coach Trail you may have noticed some activity by the entrance to the parking lot. We are happy to know share with you our new flag pole featuring a beautiful American Flag along with the True Value flag.. Fortunately, we had all the right tools to help us get the job done right.
We started with our John Deere Excavator with the 24″ bucket to do all the initial digging of the bed where the flag pole footing needed to go.
Want to watch the video? Click here!
Note the yellow and red lines on the ground showing where utilities were present underground. Always important to call 811 before you dig to have those things marked.
Once we had a hole, a frame was made out of plywood for our concrete footing. The conduit for electric had to be carefully placed and monitored for the correct position the entire time while adding the concrete. Thanks to our friends at Chandler for dropping by with that.
To lift and set the flag pole in place, we used a 34′ Nifty Boom Lift along with a Rough Terrain Extended Reach Fork Lift. Lastly, we used a Towable Hot Water Pressure Washer to clean up after the dirt was placed along the concrete foundation.

And finally, the finished product. Come by and check it out if you haven’t been by to see us in a while.

We love to show it off!