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If you just love gardens with WOW-Factor, the season always seems to come to an end way too soon. Trees, shrubs, and perennials are traditional favorites for creating layers and lots of landscaping interest, but there can be a periodic lapse between flowerings that may cause things to go a little dull.

Key Takeaways:

  • The key to using flowering bulbs correctly is planning, planning, planning. The primary challenge is that bulbs do not create WOW when you plant them. You have to wait!
  • Tulips come in a variety of sizes and shape; from teeny-tiny, small and short, big and tall, single flowers, bouquet flowers, and double flowers – so shake it up and add several types.
  • The critters don’t like daffodils, so load up the garden with those. And they aren’t just yellow! There are pure whites, creamy whites, and bicolor choices with whites, yellow, pinks, salmons, orange.

“What I love most about planters is that the pot itself can be architecturally and visually appealing, especially if you choose interesting or unusual shapes, designs, textures, and colors.”