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This Portland homeowner wrestled with whether to remove a beloved old tree

Sometimes, the things that may not seem to be of value can have enormous sentimental value for the individual attached to it, as is the case with this Portland homeowner. In struggling to decide whether he should remove a large red maple that had decades of history embedded in regards to his family, the homeowner was split on what decision to make. Although ultimately deciding to bring down the sentimental tree, it was clear that the decision was not an easy one for the man.

Key Takeaways:

  • Food editor, Peggy Grodinsky used one blog post to share how hard it was to destroy a tree that had sheltered her house for decades.
  • When a garden columnist and friend alerted Peggy that the tree was dying, Peggy was not ready to let it go.
  • Finally, on a beautiful January night, the execution of the beautiful red maple, Peggy's dear old friend, took place.

“It was a sizable tree, though not immense. It stood next to a small, shingled brown bungalow on a one-block, dead-end street in Portland, Maine.”

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