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These tips and tricks are useful for any garden and for any gardener, whether you are experienced with gardening or you are just starting out, these tips are for everybody to use that may want to grow either herbs, vegetables, or fruits. You will want to factor in the type of container that you are growing your seeds in as well as what specifically you are growing. For example, plants that use heat, need the soil to be warm in order to grow.

Key Takeaways:

  • Starting seeds indoors is beneficial because it allows you to control the water, the sunlight and the potting mix for your plants.
  • Don’t start your seeds too early because frost can then kill them. It’s actually better to start your seeds later than earlier.
  • In order to start your seeds correctly, you’ll need the right container and the right seed starting mix. These are essential for proper growing.

“This allows you to create your ideal soil mix, then turn it into housing for your seedling, completely container free.”

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