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Overseeding is a very common practice for anyone who keeps a healthy lawn. There are many benefits including patching up small gaps and keeping pests away. Because you get rid of pests you tend to use less chemicals. The overall look of the lawn will be fuller much like adding hair to bald spots on a person’s head. This should all be done with appropriate watering. You’ll want to do research on what seeds are best for your area.

Key Takeaways:

  • Overseeding is a typical practice for lawns that are dying off. For best results you want to apply seeds forty five days before the first frost of the year.
  • Overseeding with proper watering will fill in gaps or patches. Overseeing also helps keep out pests that can cause harm.
  • The healthy lawn that results from overseeding means that you don’t have to worry about using pesticides and other chemicals.

“Overseeding guarantees you a thicker lawn. A dense yard of grass effectively holds soil and water in place, reducing run-off and soil erosion. This improves your lawn’s health by allowing it to contain moisture and nutrients.”

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