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The boom lift was invented in the 1950s for fruit-picking. A boom lift features a long arm controlled by a hydraulic lift system. It can have either bending arms (articulating or knuckle lifts) or straight arms (telescopic or stick lifts). Unlike scissor lifts, boom lifts permit forward reach. Boom lifts offer stability, mobility, height, and are used for erecting scaffolding, hanging signs, and other such work. When choosing what type of boom lift to rent, consider factors such as height, movement, and power source. Safety is important when operating a boom lift to reduce the risk of tipping, operator pinning, or dropped objects.

Key Takeaways:

  • A boom lift is a piece of large equipment used on construction sites to make working at great heights much easier.
  • A boom lift is often used because they are very stable and they provide a safer and more efficient way for workers to get a job done.
  • There are different types of boom lifts that work better for different jobs so be sure to research what will work best for your particular needs.

“The basic components of a boom lift are a platform or bucket with a long arm that is attached to a grounded base. The arm is controlled by a hydraulic lift system that allows it to extend out and up to carry people or materials to new heights.”

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