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If you have ever visited a construction site, you have doubtless come across an articulating boom. They are very common and useful items when it comes to commercial and residential digs. An articulating boom is also an aerial lift. It affords the user both vertical and horizontal reach. Users sit in a secure and guarded workspace, making it far safer than the conventional ladder. Break it all down, and a boom is a platform a bucket and an extended arm that goes crosswise and up and down. Booms also have a forward reach, which makes them different from a scissor lift. The boom has many advantages for workers, under a wide array of circumstances. It’s been used to gather produce, clean windows, hang signs and erect scaffolding and perform paint jobs. Before you get your boom, know what you intend to use it for, be aware of the different types and sizes. Get to know the different manufacturers and their specialties. Get knowledgeable about them and most importantly the dangers to avoid when using a boom.

Key Takeaways:

  • If you have been to a construction site, you have probably seen an aerial type of lift, known as a boom lift. It is used to achieve vertical lift.
  • However, the boom lift can also be used to achieve horizontal lift as well.
  • Basically, a boom lift has a platform, a bucket and an arm that can extend out and up and down.

“Boom lifts make reaching difficult places and heights easier than ever. Providing a more secure workspace at high heights than with a standard ladder or man lift, it provides a safe way to get work done at any elevation.”

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