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January 27th served as one of those unpredictable days that went from warm to cold fairly quickly. These conditions can either be disheartening or motivating to gardeners. Many prefer to stay indoors, while others take heed of the one-hour intervals of sunlight that bless their surroundings. Using the sunlight as a queue to get up and active with your gardening can allow you to admire your work while also bird watching and taking inventory of every beautiful creature or form of vegetation that you spot.

Key Takeaways:

  • The author states that today’s weather is one that seemed to be changing within minutes. A minute ago it was sunshine and the next minute it was racing clouds.
  • The author states that she has a need to go outside to the garden despite the weather; to think about what to add or remove from the garden.
  • In the end, she decided to give up going to the garden but to do some sewing and to record the birds visiting the garden.

“I haven’t done the bird count for a few years so I can’t remember how this compares to other years but I think it wasn’t too bad.”

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