We are so excited to introduce SKYVAC to our ladder free DIY cleaning rental options!

The SkyVac is a lightweight system for home, commercial and industrial vacuuming specifically designed for cleaning gutters, high ceilings and long-reach spaces.

The system consists of a vacuum with:

  • Super strong, super lightweight long carbon fiber vacuum poles reaching up to 40ft
  • Carbon fiber telescopic pole for the most effective and efficient cleaning
  • Inspection video camera (optional)
  • Recordable monitor to receive images from the inspection camera (optional)

You’ll be able to vacuum your gutters from the safety of the ground and get those high level ledges, window sills, fan blades, ceiling and walls clean without the danger of climbing a ladder.

And if you need to explore the upper parts of your house to check for a bees nest in your gable or find out how bats are entering your attic – the video camera and needed poles can be rented separately from the vacuum to keep you safe on the ground.

For more info or to reserve this product please visit our catalog here.