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There’s practically no construction site that doesn’t use loaders. Whether it’s landscaping, general, or specialized building, loaders represent a vital piece of equipment. However, anyone wanting to get a loader will have to make an important choice: whether to opt for a standard skid steer loader or a mini/compact variant.

Mini skid steers are made for similar tasks as regular loaders. The most apparent difference between the two is that mini skid steers have tracks rather than tires. But that’s not the only difference. Other specific design choices make mini skid steers suitable for jobs that regular loaders might not do well. Of course, the opposite is true as well.

Skid steer loaders will perform better on asphalt, concrete, and similar hard surfaces. On the other hand, mini skid steers will have issues on such surfaces. They’ll still be operational, but their tracks might wear out faster. Similarly, mini skid steers will have a tough time on rocky terrain, although this type of surface won’t be particularly kind on regular loaders either.

In terms of terrain, mini skid steers will fare better on snow, sand, or mud. The tracks will traverse such terrain easier than tires and the loader will remain stable, contributing to lifting action. In addition, a mini skid steer will be more comfortable for the operator due to smoother movement.

It’s also worth noting that mini skid steer tracks won’t disrupt the ground as much as wheels might. This means it will take less time to clean up the site.

When it comes to budget considerations, mini skid steers come out on top compared to regular loaders. Firstly, they are more affordable to transport, and the maintenance costs are the same as for their tired counterparts. Secondly, tracks are more durable than tires and will last longer, provided they’re used and maintained properly.

Key Takeaways:

  • • Skid steer loaders are lighter than mini skid steers but have a rougher ride for the operator.
  • • Skid steers work well on hard surfaces, but mini skids are better on uneven, muddy, or sandy terrain.
  • • Skid steers tires don’t last as long as tracks.

“Read on for key ways to determine which is the best fit for your company and needs.”

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