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Berms can fill multiple roles, including both aesthetic purposes and practical ones like the redirection of water, so when the soil used to build them settles too quickly, you’ll definitely want to act. Excess water can accelerate the speed at which berm soil settles, so try adding sand or gravel to the base of the berm, or installing some drainage. Compacting your berm by hand and planting right after you build it can help reduce the problem of the organic matter in your berm rotting.

Key Takeaways:

  • Berms serve an array of functions within a garden, most usually they redirect water.
  • They can also add enhancement to the scenery and add a screen around specific views.
  • Some soil settling in berms is par for the course. But, if the settling is a lot, then a drainage problem may be at the root.

“A properly built berm will still always settle some, but berm soil level falling rapidly may be due to erosion.”

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