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Pretty Handy Girl takes us through the recent house flip she completed – as well as sharing budget friendly tips on landscaping. Part of Saving Etta involved taking off the front porch(completely!) and redoing it in a more secure manner. New flowers, bushes and shrubs were also planted. This is where the tips come in: a few of the ways to save are to look for discounts, and don’t be picky – scraggly(cheaper) ones in the store will fill out over the years. Remember, too, that the time of year can affect the prices.

Key Takeaways:

  • On Monday the author posted a piece on the backyard transformation he did on his home and now he reckons that the front yard needs one also.
  • The Saving Etta house was losing its courtyard charm curb appeal for years because the colors of the aluminum sliding were fading away among other things.
  • The author said that he was sad to note that the entire porch on the house had to be removed and that the porch framing couldn’t be saved.

“Then my framers built the porch back to the same size. Before the siding and roofing materials were installed, the porch roof and band were flashed properly to prevent any water from seeping behind and causing rot or mold issues.”

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