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Rent or Buy? New Financing Option Available

by | Nov 4, 2020 | Highlighted

Now, at True Value Rental Triad, it’s your choice!
Most of you know True Value Rental Triad as your source for the absolute best and reliable equipment to meet all the equipment rental needs of your business.

You may have rented some of our lawn and garden equipment for your landscape company. Or maybe you work in construction, where we serve the professionals who rent quality equipment from us for the biggest jobs.

So, do you rent, or do you buy?
Some of you have taken advantage of our periodic sales when we make well-maintained rental equipment available to the public for sale.

If you’ve ever thought about making a purchase, we are delighted to now offer you a new way to choose “buy!”

We have partnered with Navitas Credit to offer your business a way to get the equipment you need while preserving your cash flow. Affordable monthly payment plans are available that can be customized to meet almost any budget.

And there’s one more thing – you can rent before you buy. That’s right, if you rent equipment from us that you decide to buy, we will not charge you for the first day of your rental. So rent for a day and decide to buy and your rent that day is free!

Why buy our equipment?

Our equipment is rented mostly by the day or week which means the equipment is cleaned, greased, serviced, and checked over every day or week. Let’s face it, not many folks who own their own machines do that!

Why choose business financing?
• Convenient, express application. You can be approved by Navitas within two hours.
• Possible tax benefits. It’s possible to deduct your monthly payment, depending on your business structure. Check with your accounting professional!
• Preserve cash. Financing helps you by enabling you to use your cash for more vital operational expenses.

Basically, True Value Rental Triad has everything you need to help grow your business when it comes to the right equipment – plus great customer service – all under one roof. And now, with our new partnership with Navitas, it’s your choice to rent or to own!

Click here to learn more about the new Navitas Credit program or visit our current equipment for sale page here.