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No matter how small or large your yard may be, it is the responsibility of the homeowner to maintain their yard. Yard maintenance is important because it keeps your home looking attractive and can prevent potential problems such as infestation by insects and rodents. An essential part of yard care is weeding. If you’re a homeowner with many acres, then you are more likely to have weeds up to eight inches or more, which means you are in need of heavy weed mowing.

Heavy weeds provide cover for many rodents so it is important to mow them when they become long. There are three types of equipment you can rent or buy that can be used for heavy weed mowing: Riding Mowers and Lawn Tractors, Garden Tractors, and Rotary Mowers. Riding Mowers are your average everyday lawn mowers. They are great because they have multiple speeds and come with various attachments. They can assist with other lawn maintenance tasks and some can mulch the heavy weed eliminating the need to clean up any grass clippings. Riding mowers are best for cutting weeds up to 1-2 feet. Garden tractors are great for plowing and cultivating your yard for future projects. These mowers have larger engines and, with their strong frames have the ability to take on heavy-duty work. The heavy-duty transmission of a Garden Tractor allows for ground accepting attachments that can also help you perform heavy hauling and shrub removal. Garden tractors are considered to be a step up from Lawn Tractors, which means you should rent a garden tractor when there is a lot of work to be done on your yard. A rotary mower is a unit of powered machinery that uses a rotating blade or blades to cut grass, heavy weeds, and saplings. Most are attachments to tractor machinery that is pulled behind the tractor when used. Rotary Mowers are also known as brush hogs because of their ability to cut down brush in agriculture. The brush hogs use thick, sharp metal blades to cut down heavy weeds, thick grass, bushes, and small trees. Most Brush Hogs can cut down brush and heavy weeds up to six feet high and tree saplings up to 2 inches thick. When renting such mowers be sure to take proper precautions. The blades on a brush hog can have a top speed of over 150 mph and can be a throwing hazard for rocks and stones. To be safe while using any of these tools, use earplugs, avoid wearing loose clothing or jewelry, and try to remove any potential projectiles that may harm you, someone else, or your mower. All of these mowers can be rented at any major hardware store or privately owned retailers.