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grs tiller for blogWhen you’ve got a long to-do list of home and yard chores to tackle, you probably also have a lengthy list of equipment and tools you will need to get them done. And probably an expensive trip to the home improvement store is not at the top of your list. Much of the equipment you need to get your indoor and outdoor space looking great can be found at an equipment rental store.

While it’s true that some folks love buying tools (especially loud, powerful ones), purchasing isn’t always the best choice. New homeowners especially may not find it practical to go out and buy all the different, high-cost equipment they need all at once. Even established homeowners with years of home-improvement work under their belt probably haven’t purchased all the tools and equipment needed for use once or twice a year. The initial purchase cost plus cost to maintain such infrequently used equipment might be more trouble than its worth; in those cases, renting is the answer.

Equipment rental is a smart solution for one-time projects and many once-a-year projects. The garden needs to be tilled just once every spring, so instead of spending thousands on a machine that will gather dust and get tripped over in the shed or garage the other 364 days of the year, save money and trouble by renting. When you finally get around to trimming up branches or removing an ailing tree, you’ll likely find that a wood chipper isn’t a wise investment, but trying to complete the project without one will become difficult and tedious. Once again, renting is the solution. Your home’s exterior and driveway may benefit from an occasional power wash, but your wallet may not benefit from purchasing a power washer right now.

The alternatives to renting include buying, borrowing, or going without. Buying may not be financially practical, and storage space for all this equipment must also be considered. Those on a tight budget may be constrained to buying less expensive, low-quality equipment, which may not last as long as it should and can involve frustration with poor performance. When you purchase equipment, maintenance and repairs become your problem as well, so consider how much time and skill you have to invest in keeping your purchases in top shape.

Borrowing can be nice, if you happen to know people who have what you need and are willing to share, but this also comes with the difficulties of transporting the equipment, worrying about damaging the equipment (and along with it, the relationship with your friend or neighbor), and the concern about whether you are putting someone out or need to find some way to repay them. Making do with what you have or going without simply results in more work or a poorly completed job, which is something that can be avoided by renting the right equipment.

If you’re finding yourself procrastinating on your honey-do list because you don’t have the right equipment for the job, call or visit an equipment rental center to find exactly what you need to cross any task off the list. You’ll get all the praise for a great-looking yard, possibly from renting a bed edger in Greensboro,  with none of the complaints for busting the budget with expensive equipment purchases!