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It is required for those taking on hardscape construction jobs to have patience since taking a hurry in estimating them and rushing on them can result in bad jobs and failed projects. One thing that contractors need to avoid is to guess on the amount of bedding sand to use on a pavement project. One expert says that this is a mistake that many contractors make as they put in too much bedding sand in a pavement project and then spoil the project. He said that his company has been receiving several calls that involve their going to repair patios that were already done by some contractors because there was too much bedding sand on them and everything sunk and had to be pushed. Therefore using exact and measured amounts of materials in carrying out a pavement job is essential and important in order that the client does not have to redo the job again. In a hardscape construction project, the final steps involve applying polymeric sand, the sealer and the cleaners. Also, because they are key steps when one wants the lifetime of the pavement to be extended, patience and precision are important in applying them.

Key Takeaways:

  • In order to prevent one making a bad job of the hardscaping project, a contractor does not have to rush on it but take his time.
  • One expert in hardscaping says that his company has often been called to redo jobs carried out by contractors because they put in too much bedding sand.
  • In order to make sure that a client does not have to do repairs and call another company to work on his hardscape, the job should be done right.

“For example, contractors should avoid guessing how much bedding sand to use on a pavement project.”

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