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The trench and hill method of growing potatoes has been around for generations, and is easy to do. All you need is adequate drainage and a soil pH in the 4.7-5.5 range. To start, use seed potatoes that have begun to sprout. Chit them if necessary. Dig a trench and fill it with the seed potatoes, then cover with soil from the adjacent hill. Mulch around the potatoes and be sure to protect them from pests.

Key Takeaways:

  • Potato planting is easier than most people think. Using the trench and hill method is very simple.
  • To get started with potato planting all you need are seed potatoes that have already started to sprout an some loose soil.
  • When the potato plants are about 6 inches tall you’ll want to make sure to cover them up with more soil for the roots to grow.

“Once sprouting occurs, move them to moderate light to green up the sprouts. When sprouts are green, prepare the bed by digging trenches at least 6 inches (15 cm.) deep with the removed soil mounded on either side of the trench. Space rows 2-3 feet (61-91 cm.) apart for the potato trench and hill method.”

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