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Planting lavender can be relatively simple and anybody can do it, even though they have a particular climate that they thrive in. You may not live in an area that is idea for lavender, it typically grows well where it is warm and dry and has mild winters. If you don’t live somewhere like that, there are ways around that. You can use coverings, or you can change the structure of the soil with sand if the soil is too rich.

Key Takeaways:

  • Lavender is easy to grow and you can even make money by selling it.
  • While lavender grows best in Mediterranean climates, it can survive outside those with some help.
  • Read on to learn about how to start a lavender farm and what lavender types you should plant.

“Lavender is a beautiful herb that’s relatively easy to grow if you have a little extra space and the right growing conditions.”

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